Vernissage | Three nails, four wounds

FRIDAY AUGUST 13, 14.00 | The School Free entrance

During this year’s festival the audience will take part of Hidden Mother’s extended musicianship, which essentially is cross-diciplinary, even their own name hints toward one of their inspiration’s: photography. About this there will be a conversation and the opening of a photo exhibition, as well as a first performance of Kajsa Antonsson work “What I think of when i think of sound”.

Hidden Mother takes its name from a trick used when photographing children during the early years of the art of photography.

The so-called Hidden Mother photographs appeared during the second half of the 19th century. At that time, the exposure time was long, sometimes several minutes depending on the photographic technique used (eg. daguerreotypes). For small children, it could be difficult to remain seated, something that became a problem when taking portrait photos. This was solved by covering the mother’s head and body with a curtain and placing the baby in her lap. The mother could then hold her child and at the same time urge the child to sit still. It was probably not only mothers under the veil but also nannies or photo assistants who had to manage the little ones. The occasional “hidden father” is also depicted for posterity.

Under the name Hector Meinhof, Ulrik Nilsson has published a novel – “Three nails, four wounds” – which is illustrated by ancient photographs, among others, a large selection of hidden mother photographs. Based on this photographic “phenomenon”, Ulrik Nilsson and Esaias Järnegard talk about photography, music and literature. photo exhibition shown during the Kalv Festival consists of photographs from Ulrik Nilsson’s private collection.