Emil Nilsson

Emil Nilsson is a composerand performer based in Gothenburg. His artistic practice is informed by an experimental approach to sound and music. He primarily works with acoustic chamber music and his main interests lies in the timbral and textural properties of sound. At the moment, Emil is studying composition at the Academy of Music and Drama.

Love Carbin

Love Carbin is a young composer at the beginning of his career. His music is characterized by a great focus on the materiality of sound, and he often engages in dialogue with other art forms such as poetry, film and art when he composes. The music is poetic and rich in contrasts: stillness and violent outbursts wrestle in the same sound worlds. His music has been performed all over Scandinavia and he is currently working on an orchestral piece for Umeå Musiksällskap.

Marcus Lundberg

Marcus Lundberg (b. 1995) is a composer residing in Gothenburg, Sweden. Having studied at Ingesunds Folkhögskola and Musikhögskolan Ingesund in Värmland, as well as The Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg, he graduated with a BFA in the spring of 2021. His teachers throughout the years include Malin Bång, Christofer Elgh, Esaias Järnegard and Ole Lützow-Holm.

Lundbergs music often takes on a sparse, delicate and introspective tone. His exploration of sound tends to revolve around pitch, timbre, noise and silence– all of which culminates in a slow, meditative and sometimes fragmentary soundscape. More often than not, his work is inspired by abstract thoughts and concepts such as memories, dreams, and the human psyche.

Lundberg has worked with a number of musicians and ensembles throughout the years, such as Curious Chamber Players, Musica Vitae Chamber Orchestra and Gothenburg Wind Orchestra. Most recently, he has begun experimenting with acousmatic music and field recordings, as well as music for film and other media. He is co-founder of the Gothenburg-based sound design, music production and composition cooperative ’Studio Samklang’.