Tickets are purchased at the concert venue before the concert. See times at each concert.

One concert 150 SEK
Festival pass 400 SEK
Children/youths 18 years free entrance


16.00 | Kalv Church Free entrance
With Klaus Lang

18.00 | Parish Home [Kalv Church] Free entrance
Concert introduction – Hildegard of Bingen

19.00 | Kalv Church
Concert | Christina Meißner
Music by Hildegard of Bingen, Lisa Streich, Sofia Gubaidulina, Martin Rane Bauck

20.30 | Parish Home Free entrance
Concert introduction – Bright Darkness by Klaus Lang

21.30 | Kalv Church
Concert | Soyuz21 + Klaus Lang
Klaus Lang’s Bright Darkness


10.00 | The School, The Gym Free entrance
Music meditation
Music meditation with Pia Granath and Sergej Tchirkov, accordion

15.00 | The School  Free entrance
Seminar – Luigi Nono
Pierluigi Billone talks about the work with la lontananza nostalgica utopica futura

18.00 | The Parish Home Free entrance
Concert introduction – Soyuz21

19.00 | Kalv Church
Concert | Soyuz 21
Music by Kevin Juillerat, Kelley Sheehan, Edu Haubensak, Christian Winter Christensen, Junghae Lee och André Meier

21.00 | The Community Center
Concert | Sergej Tchirkov
Music by Sofia Gubaidulina, Eva-Maria Houben och Alexander Pusharenko


10.00 | The School, The Gym Free entrance
Rhythms and songs for children | Songs of joy
Maria Gull and Matilda Odqvist teaches exercises for movements, song, and rhythms for children

11.00 | The School Free entrance
Lecture | The Kalv Festival: Music and spirituality
Max Käck about the music and spirituality in the Kalv Festival and possibly some clues to the creation of the Kindaholmsparafrasen (the Kindaholm’s paraphrase), which will be premiered at Sunday’s concert.

14.00 | Backa Loge
Concert | Sergej Tchirkov
Music by Anna Korsun, Francsico Corthey and Pierluigi Billone

15.00 | Backa Loge Free entrance
Musician talk – Sergej Tchirkov

18.00 | Kalvs kyrka
Vesper bells

18.30 | The Parish Home Free entrance
Concert introduction – Luigi Nono

19.30 | Kalv Church
Concert | Marco Fusi, Pierluigi Billone and Davide Gagliardi
La lontananza nostalgica utopica futura by Luigi Nono

21.00 | The Community Center
Emma and the Feelgoods | The Community Center’s own concert



10.00 | Gathering at The Parish Home Free entrance
Walking essay with music | Magnus Haglund, soyuz21, Sergej Tchirkov

11.30 | The Parish Home Free entrance
Concert introduction – Varberg Chamber Choir

12.00 | Kalv Church
Concert | Varberg Chamber Choir, Johannes Landgren and Gageego! conducted by Gunno Palmquist
Music by Max Käck, Hildegard of Bingen, Britta Antonér, Arvo Pärt, Sven-David Sandström och Jan Yngwe


Reservation for changes.

The Community Center
-Saturday 19.30–24.00.
On Saturday entertainment by ‘Emma and the Feelgoods’ from 21.00 (Entrance 100kr)

Café Solvik (at the entrance to the campsite)
Friday-Saturday 11-17

Food truck at the grocery store ‘Handlarna i Kalv’
Friday-Sunday 10-19

Backa Loge
Thursday-Saturday 10-16
Lunch reservation +46 70 453 93 39
Saturday brunch will be served 10-12 (Reservation only)

Hemma på Klev
Thursday-Friday 17-late
Reservation +46 70 605 22 64

Handlarn i Kalv (grocery store)
Mon-Fri 9–19, Sat 9–18, Sun 10-17

Café by the Parish Home
Thursday 18-19
Friday 18-19
Saturday 18-19
Sunday 10-12