August 11, 21:30  

Kalv Church

Concert | Soyuz21 + Klaus Lang

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Sascha Armbruster, saxophone, Mats Scheidegger, guitar, Philip Meier, fender rhodes, Jens Ruland, percussion, Isai Angst, electronics, Klaus Lang, organ.


Soyuz21 + Klaus Lang | Listening with clogged ears and seeing with closed eyes

Klaus Lang: Bright Darkness [2017] for saxophone, percussion, fender rhodes, organ, guitar and electronics


About the concert

Listening with clogged ears and seeing with closed eyes

Quite often, what we perceive isn’t actually the impressions we get from our senses, but our perception is pre-shaped by ideas. A learned mechanism in our mind stops us from realizing our sense perception potential. And sometimes what we actually witness is the exact opposite of our preconceived notions or our biased expectation: when we exclude all sound, it gets louder and louder, when we close our eyes, it gets bright. We could ask ourselves what we really see, when we close our eyes to see ‘nothing’, and what is merely our concept of ‘seeing nothing’ and ‘darkness’? Similar things are true for movement: sometimes we can’t tell whether an object is moving or not. Is what we hear a chord or a line, a shape, or a process, or is our mind the only thing that’s moving? Where can we find answers to these questions?
– Klaus Lang


About Soyuz21

soyuz21 – contemporary music ensemble zurich has been touring as an internationally active ensemble since 2011. The ensemble maintains its own concert series as well as guest appearances at festivals.

The artistic exploration focuses on the fusion of instrumental and electronic music and seeks new concert forms and experimental expressions of contemporary music. The ensemble sets impulses through intensive collaboration with composers and sustainably shapes the development of contemporary music. The promotion of an up-and-coming generation of young composers with a close connection to the Swiss music scene is a main concern. Composers are given the opportunity to work with soyuz21 on several projects and to realize their musical ideas.

soyuz21 maintains its own concert series in Basel and Zurich. Tours have taken the ensemble to Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Austria and Ukraine. soyuz21 was invited by the Zurich University of the Arts ZHdK to accompany composition residencies at the Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology ICST.

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