Pilgrimage with poetry and music on thetheme of birds

SUNDAY 10.00 | Gathering in front of Kalv Church Free entrance

This year’s pilgrimage gathers around contemporary music with ancient origins that lives all year round but reaches its climax during the spring and summer breeding season – the birdsong, improvisation on instinct. We walk our 2 km in attentive silence and stop for bird poetry by Hjalmar Gullberg, Alf Hambe, Bengt Emil Johnson, Artur Lundkvist, Tomas Tranströmer and Karl Vennberg.

We also get to experience Linda Jankowska’s violin in Carola Bauckholt’s Doppelbelichtung for violin and electronics.

Bird calls have an incredible intensity – brought about by the syrinx of the bird’s throat. They have no larynx at all, but rather several bronchial tubes with inner and outer membranes, the tympanic membranes, which are controlled by a complex muscle system. This allows the almost two-part appearing jumps and the rapid adornments to be created.

The violin is the only instrument that can produce this extreme height – but through a completely different process. That is precisely why it is so appealing to bring both worlds together, like a “narrowing” in counterpoint. Double exposure (Doppelbelichtung) is a technique from analog photography in which one image is exposed on top of the previous one. In this way, several levels of reality are captured in one picture.

The piece was commissioned by Karin Hellqvist and was created in close cooperation.