Saturday August 14, 19:00
(admission / ticket sales 18:00)

Kalv Church

Hidden Mother | Memories of Öland

Alexandra Nilsson – Öland suite
1. Byrum
2. Ramsnäs
3. Hagskog
4. Kalkbrott 


Slowly stroking a piece of sandstone over the rough surface of a 540 million-year-old limestone from the Swedish island Öland; to explore the texture and listen to the organic rhythms produced by the fossils engraved on the surface – the traces from the past, trails from the movements made by now extinct organisms – like the needle on a gramophone in the grooves of a vinyl disc. 

Since I was a kid I have collected stones from wherever I have travelled, but mostly limestone fossils from my childhood shores at Öland. The fossils fascinated me so much in an intuitively captivating way, both for their beauty and also for the overwhelming time perspective they embodied, giving perspectives on a short human existence.  

Some years ago when I started to research stones as sound objects, I felt that I rediscovered them. Their hard brutalism but also their soft grace inspired me, and the dense energy they inhibit makes me venerate them.
Alexandra Nilsson 

Hidden Mother är inbjudna som en del av projektet Borduner och Scenkonst i Kalv, ett projekt som stöds av Statens Musikverk och Västragötalandsregionen.
Photo © Hidden Mother

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