Saturday August 14, 13:30
(admission / ticket sales 12:30)

| Venue:
The Workshop

RAGE Thormbones | Untamed brass sounds

Aled Smith – bound, dragged through the arteries of broken glass [world premiere]

Liza Lim – Pharmakon

Dmitri Kourliandski – tube space ii

Anton Lindström – Saurus [world premiere]

Raven Chacon – Echo Contest


The trombone duo RAGE Thormbones performs a rich variety of composers in Kalvsjöholm bolagets mechanical workshop: the academy students Anton Lindström and Aled Smith framed by Russian Dmitri Kourliandski’s (their teacher) tube space ii. On top of which Raven Chacon’s Echo Contest and Liza Lim’s Pharmakon explores a sounding universe stretching the globe. 


Pharmakon “…it has no mind. It is not wise, nor does it promise any wisdom. It is beautiful, and despite what the poets and philosophers and theologians have said, I think beauty neither obscures truth nor reveals it. LIkewise, it leads neither toward justice or away from it. It is pharmakon. It radiates.” – Maggie Nelson “Bluets” (2009)

RAGE Thormbones are invited as a part of the project Drones and performing arts in Kalv, a project which is supported by Swedish Performing Arts Agency and the region Västra Götaland.
Photo © Andrew Watts

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