Soyuz21 contemporary music ensemble Zürich!

This year, the Kalv Festival invites Soyuz21 from Zurich for several concerts during the festival. Soyuz21 spends a week in Kalv and performs in no less than three concerts. Together with the Austrian composer and organist Klaus Lang, they will present a newly written version of the twilight work Bright Darkness for the Kalv Festival on 11 August at 9.30 pm in Kalv’s church. A work almost 60 minutes long that accompanies the onset of summer darkness.

On 12 August at 19.00 in Kalv’s kyrka in front of Soyuz21 a mixed concert with music by Kelley Sheehan, Kevin Juillerat, Edu Haubensak, Christian Winther Christensen, Junghae Lee and André Meier, where electronics, projections and virtuoso chamber music come together in intense forms.

Soyuz21’s residency will then be completed during the festival’s concluding sounding essay walk 14 August at 10.00 (begins at Kalv’s church parish home), where Cathy Van Eck’s music mingles with other elements (which will be announced in later press releases).

A warm welcome!

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