Less than a month to the festival!

Less than a month until the Kalv Festival once again comes alive! All its events can now be found on the website. As a bonus, you can now find a surprise: the Gothenburg ensemble Gageego! make a long-awaited return on the last day of the festival: music spanning from Tibet to Kalv’s own region is presented. 

During the festivities there will be a limited audience capacity (please check the website as we draw close for definite announcement on tickets and booking),  but we still wish everyone welcome to Kalv. 

We wish to draw attention to our inaugural event on the 12th of August: during ceremonial forms, by ways of sound, our resident duo Hidden Mother leads us towards a suggestive liberation from the pandemic. Come to Kalv, and take part in the Kalv rite – and let’s see if music heals!