Thursday August 12, 22:00
(admission / ticket sales 21:30)

Kalv Church

Linda Jankowska | The other violin

Pierluigi Billone – Equilibrio.Cerchio (for solo violin)


Linda Jankowska performs during several concerts at the 2021 Kalv festival. Her first appearance is a late-night concert in the church where she gives focus to the Pierluigi Billone’s altered violin sounds in his Equilibrio. Cerchio.


Equilibrio.Cerchio – It is about a violin whose strings and scordatura are different from normal. Three IV strings and one III string are used, with a scordatura E, F, G, D, in a very narrow range. The manipulation of the left hand is unusual: each finger almost always acts on two strings at the same time, so the simplest sound is already a two-tone, with internal beats. The bowing technique is the same as that of the modern violin and viola, with all their wealth of possibilities. The typical articulation speed and the extreme and superficial virtuosity of the (old and modern) violin is excluded here. Everything is prepared to make a different “musical voice” of the violin possible. The continuous vibrations, the use of glissandi, the constant and slow oscillation, the articulations of the left hand, or the hard and powerful approach, are reminiscent of the sound of some works by Giacinto Scelsi and Iannis Xenakis, as well as some non-European ones Music.

The construction of the work and the entire interaction structure work differently. There are two tonal forces that are elementary and complementary: first, the continuous and vibrating sound, and second, a powerful, lightning-fast pizzicato of the four strings together. The development of each individual force and the change in their relationships generate the different moments of the work.

The continuous and vibrating sound – a kind of unstable force with no centre of gravity – will acquire the dimensions, the closed profile and the equilibrium of a verse. The tremendous and lightning-fast pizzicato – a kind of concentrated, uniform and closed force – will take on the role of modular flexibility and instability. It is in fact a circle (the end of the piece ends again in a moment of the beginning) in which the balance of the two forces is constantly changing, within a certain limit.

Linda Jankowska is invited as a part of the project Drones and performing arts in Kalv, a project which is supported by Swedish Performing Arts Agency and the region Västra Götaland.
Photo © Linda Jankowska

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