Maria Gull & Matilda Odqvist

Maria Gull & Matilda Odqvist

Maria Gull is the co-ordinator during the Kalv festival, and has been involved since the beginning. In her work as a teacher, her interest in singing, music and movement is central. In this event for children, she teams up with Matilda Odqvist. Odqvist, who has been part of Kalvfestivalen since childhood, as an audience, as a volunteer, as an extra and also as a singer.

Children’s event

12 august

Kalv’s school house
Gym hall

Free admission

Maria Gull & Matilda Odqvist | Rhythm – the music of the body | Children’s event

About the event  

“We sing, dance and explore our best instrument – the body!”  

Throughout all time, music has begun through the movements of the body and through the voice. Clapping, imitating and making it playful is the very breeding ground for not only music, but a greater insight into one’s own body – and thus self-esteem. The event is mainly aimed at children, but everyone is welcome to participate, but the child in us is the focus.

With support from Sparbanken Sjuhärad