Christina Meißner | cello

Christina Meißner’s cello playing evokes a musical experience that is inspiring and transcendent at the same time. Her concerts are a tribute to life where music is the ultimate voice for existential values. Meißner is distinguished by the boldness of her virtuosity, a captivating repertoire and a fascinating technique that takes the listener to unknown, fantastic, places.

Christina Meißner is one of the founders of Ensemble Klangwerkstatt Weimar, and over the years has deepened the study of contemporary music through collaborations with, among others, Isang Yun, Toshio Hosokawa, Georg Katzer, Isabel Mundry, Helmut Lachenmann, Rebecca Saunders, René Mense and Georg Crumb.

Meißner’s musicianship is documented on several CDs, ranging from chamber music to several solo records with music from the Middle Ages to the newly composed.


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