INAUGURATION, The rite of Kalv
(performance by and with Hidden Mother and interacting audience)

THURSDAY AUGUST 12, 19.00 | In front of Kalv Church Free entrance
(assemble in front of the church)

We are all exhausted by the prevailing pandemic. As vaccination progresses, the end of the tunnel begins to loom, but we still have some way to go. Kalvfestivalen 2021 is part of the reopening of cultural life, but we take a step further: under the auspice of Hidden Mother, we invite festival visitors to participate in the rite of Kalv – a purification ritual through sound: Carry with you sounding things, instruments – objects! Carry with you all the sorrow, all the emotional mess that the year has built up. There will also be a fire – burn a symbol of what has been, and go reborn into a new age! Let us unite with us in a manifestation against Covid-19, a manifestation in sound, in motion, where we all in the spirit of music throw off the schakles of Corona and greet life again!

We gather (in two groups) at 19.00 either at Kalv’s schoolhouse, or below café Solvik at the campsite. In procession, the two groups move slowly towards Kalv’s church. Everyone is welcome to share actively or passively.