Christina Meißner, Sergej Tchirkov, Klaus Lang & Magnus Haglund

The Kalv Festival not only invites musicians and composers to do their own concerts, but we provide space for collaborations, and also impulsive events. This year, cellist Christina Meißner, accordionist Sergei Tchirkov, composer and organist Klaus Lang and musician and writer Magnus Haglund are invited.
We will hear them in different constellations during the week. Christina Meißner inaugurates this year’s festival on 11th August at 1900 in Kalv’s church, but already the night before within the framework of our “pre-festival” she gives a vespers together with Klaus Lang in collaboration with Kindaholm parish, at 18.00 10 August in Kalv’s church.

Sergei Tchirkov appears in several forms. Two concerts. Friday evening 12 August at 21.00 in Kalv’s community center, and Saturday 13 August at 14.00 at Backa Loge, which is followed by a conversation with Tchirkov, at 15.00. But in addition to this, we find him playing Eva-Maria Houben’s music during Pia Granath’s music meditation on 12 August at 10.00 in Kalv’s school house and finally during Magnus Haglund’s essay walk with music on 14 August at 10.00 (where we gather at Kalv church’s parish home).
Magnus Haglund, who during a walk talks about the role of walking as a thought and learning process, where John Cage, Henry David Thoreau and Rebecca Solnit enter into a sonorous dialogue with Eva-Maria Houben and Cathy Van Eck’s music.

A warm welcome!

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