Kalv international composition academy 2020 – this year’s students have been selected!

We are very proud and happy to announce this year’s composition students! Their selection, from 167 candidates, was extremely difficult, and many are the students who we had to decline. However, we couldn’t be more happy about those we finally agreed upon. We welcome the following participants to take part in the Kalv International Composition Academy 2020 together with teachers Dmitri Kourliandski and Clara Iannotta and the invited ensembles (of which several are yet to be presented):

Aled Smith (UK), Alyssa Aska (Austria/Canada), Anton Lindström (Sweden), Daniel Allas (USA), Daniil Pilchen (The Netherlands/Russia), Dmitriy Efremov (Russia), Kajsa Antonsson (Germany/Sweden) and Rachel C. Walker (Germany/China).

We are looking forward to the summer!