The Kalv Festival 2022 takes place 11-14 August!

The Kalv Festival 2022 takes place 11-14 August!

Over the western Swedish landscape, the sun, after a late winter, has started to warm the soil again. The signs of spring are piling up and summer is beginning to approach – and of course, thus, the Kalv Festival. This year, the festival takes place 11-14 August. This year, utopias are invited, the future is suggested. We mix music from the last millennium with the newly written. Musicians, composers and ensembles from Västergötland to Switzerland, Norway, Italy, South Korea and more gild a four-day packed festival.

The whole week before the festival, Kalv is filled with rehearsing musicians, and even then we will invite you to talks and activities. Follow us on social media and on our website, because as the summer arrives, act after act will be announced!

A warm welcome!

Föreningen Kalvfestivalen